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Chung Ying Street on the eve of the Lantern Festival on "ants"

Shenzhen City NPC representative Jie Qiuyan first capacity, Chongqing moved    Chung Ying Street in governance chaos of a aspects is water guest more, "currently access Chung Ying Street of staff in the on has two-thirds is professional" water guest ", main by town within residents and Guangdong lufeng, and Chaozhou-Shantou area and the Mainland jobless staff composition, components complex, these people take" Ant moved "type of means carry goods earned post," water guest "give rise to and collective rushed shut on clearance order caused severe effect. Once the Red China, and a street that has special meaning, now entering the long-winded and water off rampant plague the future development of this street. However, the water off at Chung Ying Street now is more and more. Chung Ying Street now out of "water" will go to Chung Ying Street every day, every day at least two or three times, more than 10 times.  

Brigade in waiting through the long dragon, many individuals are full container FCL shipping goods, rather than family-style piecemeal purchases.  "

illegal documents orderly

Chung Ying Street, as a less than 0.5 km in length, less than 7 meters wide Street, the development concerns, is "eight views of Shenzhen".  

water, access document at Chung Ying Street sale of grave are not unrelated.  

yesterday afternoon around 3 o'clock mark particularly crowded, waiting near 90% are several cargo awaiting clearance, for packing supplies on the everyday lives of all.  

boxes to carry commodities into the scale

today is the Lantern Festival, staff access to Chung Ying Street yesterday was exceptionally crowded, closed at lining up in long queues, and many of them are several boxes to facilitate clearance, shampoo and other consumer goods. According to MDC Shenzhen Board will recently of research, Chung Ying Street of status, has been exists with many contradictions of phenomenon: side is visitors complained do card procedures windbag, and with degrees partial high, access problem, and subject Yu duty-free commodity price total of limit; and another side merchant reflect long-term stranded in Chung Ying Street within "water guest" too much, effect normal business order, annual by Chung Ying Street water guest dispersed with into Shenzhen of smuggling commodity, up to 3 billion yuan. Chung Ying Street now locked in documents examination areas, dominated by manual inspection, examination of standards and arbitrary law enforcement. Said, currently at Chung Ying Street out of town "water" can do everyday documents, documents held by them were basically bought through illegal channels.  


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