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Could not find workers and garment factory moved to Qufu

Responsible for recruiting workers, Zhang told reporters at a factory, Chongqing moved    now to generation of workers, after the primary, active thinking, knows comparisons to select factory. Recently, this reporter to jimo visits found that almost every family there are worker shortages and under-employment, Qingdao double Fitch clothing co owner therefore moved the factory to Qufu. Enterprises not to turn away, back to the girls ' parents arrange a separate dormitory. This technique really works, a factory with Lacey in a family of six were factory workers, began working girls here at home, followed by her own brother, mother and father and two relatives were introduced into the factory. Situation is slightly better in the factory, workers return of only about one-third.   "Before each piece-price by the factories themselves have the final say, now wants to set the price, not only to consider the number of finished piece, also consider each piece of uniform prices down too low.  

in order to attract workers, the factory bosses are racking their brains.  

manufacturers only 200 people to 5 people

clothing plus industry is big labor, "labor shortage" is certainly having the greatest effect the industry.   "Ink-up local company called Qingdao double knitting and processing enterprises of clothing co Yu, Wang, head of the company told Xinhua.  "

"two years ago to recruit a sewing machine, 1500 a month wages is given, candidates in droves. Like a double needle bottom resumption 3000 a month salary of workers, every day is 100 Yuan, if uniform levels of skilled workers is a day to complete 1000, then each unit price must not be less than a dime, too low a worker may refuse to work out. By contrast, businesses here but wait, after the order is received at the designated time out of work, bosses were anxious.   "Mr Wang introduced, most of the workers in the plant was doing piecework, in water production line is responsible for the link. In AO road, blue, a clothing factory, boss opened in addition to the monthly salary of 3000 Yuan, also spent a lot of money to improve the lives of workers provided, installing heating and air conditioning in the dormitory, with TV, specifically to the workers opened a reading room.  

。 This year is worse, given treatment was the lowest in the industry  2000 up to 4000 Yuan, hiring remains very difficult.   "Many workers looking for a job when Club see West Bibi, don't worry at all.  

outside plant opened to avoid labor shortage

some companies came up with this approach is to allow workers to help recruitment if the workers after the peer to return back to a factory pays the worker paid 500 to 1000 Yuan.  "

reporters near Mexico City to visit the five factories are engaged in processing of clothing and bedding of knitting enterprise. But in the last year, the price of this type of promotion to 2000 Yuan, there are a lot of people are not excited to do. Even so, until yesterday, the factory could only find 13 workers, compared with 60 workers and employment gaps, is still a far cry from the. In fact, double needle bottom edge of each piece of the resumption price is 1, and those of four years ago, even less than 4 cents. Our Qingdao labor prices are too high, so simply do not hire this year, Qufu, drove to the processing plant, local hiring, nearly 1000 cheaper wage than that of Qingdao.  These five plants in more than more than 200 workers and companies, but until Chinese new year 12 only 5, 4 of them are sewing machines, and one was doing routine chores; a little factory employment scale of fifty or sixty people, until yesterday none of the workers back to work. "Now garment processing industry is not good.  

Enterprise open generous premises hire

"in the past, factory selected workers, just now, in turn, are workers selected factories, and workers become more sophisticated and fine, some workers when they apply for Chinese lunar new year the factory will also be asked what new year and how much bonus issue.


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