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Eight woman "six adrift" pension year moving

Wants to wants to mother experience variety suffering gives we life, Chongqing moved   regrets to for we pay; we fledgling Shi, she for we cover wind shelter; now, we grew up has, she is old has, life need people to care, aloof of heart more need comfort, we to knows Thanksgiving and returns, filial to as soon as possible, can today filial on don't until tomorrow, so as not to has "child to raised and Pro-is not" of regrets. Course, along with younger son, Zhang Ying did not add burden to the youngest son, the four largest roofed open two doors, she and two of the youngest son.   "&Nbsp;6 a child fighting a two-month

autumn in good health, can help little boys do farm work, and more than 80 years old can also sweep sweep the yard, optional zecai, so have been conciliatory. From this autumn will lead a "Bohemian" life, a child who lives in two months. Community reminders "to raise and not" regret

Zhang told reporters, Zhang Ying small daughter of six children outside the premise was, five other counts, not honor, but when it comes to serve their old man got home all have their own reasons.  

However, Zhang Ying no matter who lived less than two months, who were reluctant to leave, the day away.  

after six daughters are married, autumn selection lives with son. So, six people gather to discuss, in turns. Zhang said, "my sister 800 Yuan income each month, who served her the money to who, but no one was willing to put her six children received their own home ready, said sister cry. Big son retired Qian in township department store work, retired Hou for sick life cannot themselves, himself of life are by wife to care; big daughter in township has himself of a assessment business, busy business didn't time; II son open supermarket, couples both eat live are in supermarket, care white man more adverse will; II daughter home premise best, in Dalian a high-end community live, but II daughter body bad, also have care small granddaughter; small daughter also in Dalian, children Shang junior high school, couples both is are laid off also are find has live dry didn't time; son in rural,  After the relocation of the House has no arable land, both husband and wife work in village-run factory cannot be served or infirm. A community worker said, as a child, even though we have thousands of reasons, all the difficulties, do not serve the parents true said; in addition, children fighting each other and let the elderly mother who lives in two months also inappropriate; maintenance man, not only to satisfy man's material needs, but also consider the psychological feel of old. Last year House evictions, the small son of a rented house, Zhang ying has no dwellings.  , "Zhang said," relocation after the sister wanted to live, to find a child around to serve, if no children are willing to serve at that time, I will get a statement for the sister ". This does not, early big five, such a cold day, the year also failed to finish, the younger son, sent her daughter to Dalian.   "These kids will be fighting each other, sent to your days, turn to me, I do.


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