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Low-rent housing in beiliu city warm new year's: never worry about moving problems

Chongqing moved   her home in beiliu, a low-rent housing complex three-phase 8, unit 2, building No. 501, on January 17 this year to move into. Mo Yaoping sat in a warm room, don't spread to break out of the window of the firecrackers, hard time keeping her own excitement starting this year, 48 years old, she has parted from erratic days.  &Nbsp;

new year night, ringing in the new year. Around 2005, the North has many enterprises, a large number of laid off workers ' housing problems highlighted, urban housing needs of low-income groups is increasingly urgent. &Nbsp;20 years of "drift" here. Furniture soon, but gives the warmth of home. She told reporters: "I used to be a worker in a cement plant in beiliu city, then factories closed down, I got laid off. She spent a lot of effort to decorate their new home on the living room wall hangs a big "f" Word, bought a new television set.  

back to the day before, Mo Yaoping said a few wet eyes. This year we've lived under the care of the Government into the housing, the family no longer have to worry about moving topics, this year was extremely happy. Since then, I have moved at least once a year, have a few back is going to homeowners out in the new year. Have thus become a district-wide construction of affordable housing construction in beiliu city counties largest and number Max

in mid-January this year, completion of the third phase project of beiliu city low-rental housing, a total of 17 buildings in 862 units of low-rent housing. Beiliu city party ideas to raise funds to construct a low-rent housing, and since 2005, the combined cumulative construction of low-rent housing, economic housing, public rental housing, the price of commercial housing and other low-income housing a total of 4136, has now completed check in 1178. Many residents can't wait to move into a new House over the district, families put up red couplets appearing happy and grateful.


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