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Maternity hospital moved make room for women is expected to increase by 40 beds

From 2007 "Golden pig" to start, Dalian volume increased year by year of birth of a new baby, was born in the city last year 53,230, hit a 20-year bear peak. Reporters in the interview that, aside from "Dragon" effects, maternal roof also was greatly influenced by 1985-1990 birth peak period.   "Life into 30 babies is high, while the second, evening in these two days, you can use the ' full ' to describe, 51 days earlier had 52. Yesterday, reporters in Dalian City maternity hospital, Hospital Authority staff reorganization already packed, Friday would moved make room for mothers and children moved to a hospital outside office building for rent, hospital officials estimated, moved at least 40 more beds. &Nbsp;

since 2011, birth baby maternity hospital in Dalian climbed to 12,000 mark, after reached 13606 2012 having wangjing in "Dragon" first month began to take shape. Today, the entire maternity hospital obstetrics has been unable to find a single room, hospital maternity ward family in the past, all general ward, also adjusted for the comprehensive gynaecological Ward Ward, I wish bear bed brings the peak of tension could be eased, for women giving birth to live formal beds without "living underground".   "Bed or extra bed after giving birth has become a maternity hospital, the most difficult setbacks.


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