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Move threw a bag of documents police to return people feel pleasantly surprised

To be on December 25 last year to begin. Chongqing moving    and civilian police through various channels, Qujiang district has contacted the city Education Bureau, Education Bureau and Douzet middle school, until the new year month, touch is the ultimate owner Qi Ping Qu, making the ultimate restoration of lost documents. These documents represent our past, even our lives. Qi Ping Qu Douzet, Qujiang district secondary school retired teacher, that day, he and his wife downtown two-Bridge House move. Up when new homes, only to find one less bag. So when they lost, and my heart is still kind of missing.   "On February 2, the avid reader Qi Ping Qu told Xinhua over the phone.  , "Said Qi Pingqu, as luggage on the bus, don't remember where lost.

originally, huamao foreign language school of security day picked up the bag, then into the waiting room for people to claim, unexpectedly left unclaimed for more than 10 days.

the bag with me and his wife in a lifetime of certificates and honors, lost when moving.

accident was on January 30, Qi Ping Qu has received a phone call.  

。 &Nbsp;1 20th, security documents to complex. It was pleasantly surprised.   "Bag is my wife and lifetime of ' cultivation ': two diplomas, teacher qualifications, certificates of title certificate, certificate of retirement and all kinds of honors. Where I would have thought they would have so much trouble to return it.   "Call people claiming to be in Kecheng zijing mass work, through the branch of civil aviation police station complex, police, we have to obtain the missing bag as well as the documents.


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