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"Not to change the House, don't move"

It is understood that the husband jialeisi·BU mother with breast cancer 5 years ago, Chongqing move    already treatment and rehabilitation.   "Wife Catherine said.   "Knew the news was certainly shaken.   "Wife Kathleen said, they say won't change jobs, but may buy property in a foreign country, used as a vacation destination," and we are going to take the children to Disneyland. Amazing is that they will not only win the good news to his son secret, pretending to be an unusual appearance, according to weekend plans outings for the children to celebrate the birthday, before football games. Jialeisi·BU buy this lottery is her husband, because it rained on the day, bad weather that caused him to sneak in to take a vacation.

United Kingdom Nottingham County public, Catherine and her husband jialeisi·BU a few days ago "Euro millions" lottery prize of 40.627 million pounds (about 400 million yuan), topped the United Kingdom Lottery history list at number 7.  Grand Prize winner and his wife refer to their home as "dream homes". In addition, the winner of Brandt and his wife also funded charities, to engage in research related to breast cancer. Therefore, after you got such a huge amount of bonus, the couple wanted to make some contributions to breast cancer research.   "Our youngest son Declan Lottery matter often criticized us, he thinks that buying lottery tickets is to waste money, but he knows winning the news probably would not have said so.   "The winning couple said.  

"we have no intention to change the House, moving house. Winning husband and wife Catherine in the group is 35 years old, working in the health insurance sector; husband jialeisi·BU, 40, is an entrepreneur.   "Wife Catherine said they have yet to win this movement tells his two sons, Joel and 9 of 10 year old Declan.


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