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Quirrell in South America and Egypt, people move the island traditions: do not move furniture directly to move house

When we come to the air and the romantic smell of the place, see flocks of seabirds in the sea surf, bright colors on stilts, scattered in places not far away from the shore, people can not help but think of the Dai of China Customs. These people live with each other in the East where there is no name or island, in your name instead of, for example, "agui", "Alex", the passage of time, became the names of people. &Nbsp;

Quirrell PSV islanders will move the selection of auspicious. Even so, moving work long and hard in the House, three or four kilometres to move often to walk for two or three days. Just as the sun rises in the morning, neighbors have been holding his cattle to catch up. Chiloe, I. De in the eyes of Chinese people the special kind, due to its many local and small islands are similar in name and Chinese, like some place called agui, sometimes called Alex. House owner will notify the neighbors a few weeks ago to help locals to call this work interesting "servitude". On the island of 140,000 people, more than half to fish for a living. Chilo Island moving is the most interesting and most exotic tradition flow. Moving House is filial piety, all push-and-pull over, stop animals rest, master will be preserved for people to drink wine to recover. Once the cart is ready, people began to call her pulling forward along the back is responsible for the laying of logs, some helped push, got underway in the labour scene. Placed first in the wooden structure houses the following supported wood, ropes connected to the cart. Meanwhile, the women quickly moved out of home appliances, and then is to remove the doors and Windows. According to the locals, is the earliest inhabitants of the island from the East or from China. They not only move all kinds of furniture, but the whole House from one place to another place.

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