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Relocation out of poverty

It is understood that the Chongqing moved   dunker new village construction in huangyuan County, water, electricity, roads, schools, squares, home, shop, spam relay, landscape gardening and other basic facilities.   "Now have convenient, children go to school without worry, medical treatment or travelling, we are a family of 3 people now living on 70 square meters of the building, this year, not out of town working in the front, more income than last year. While, also through investment introduced has to Qinghai civil process mainly of Dan Kashgar skin embroidered making, and hid blanket woven, and jade carved,, set tourism products development, and produced processing for one of labor intensive enterprise, built has two building high scale intelligent greenhouse, helped opened has 10 households farm Le, formed has Dan Kashgar village industrial park, Lee will has farmers of employment, effective solution has relocation masses of road difficult, and medical difficult, and children entrance difficult, and development difficult, topics

reporter an intelligent greenhouse in four weeks, several villagers were planting vegetable seedling, by Li Guihua are the original Buddhist villagers, she said: "we are dependent on, in addition to their own, can't find a job; what little income in addition to the fields, nor can make money anywhere else.   "What business cheerfully said. In Qinghai province to implement "three-concentration" (  farmers concentrated shelter, land management, industrial development) after the offsite relocation project of poverty alleviation, where making a move to the dunker village. Well now, something to do, and every day I come to this intelligent greenhouse work, 1500 RMB per month salary, more importantly I learned how to grow vegetables, have a craft, lives with confidence for the future.   "This is implemented since the offsite relocation of poor remote villages in huangyuan County, Qinghai province, local people said most of the word.   "Farmer making BA yan Xiang lived in huangyuan lay sea village, Buddhist village of frequent natural disasters, transportation, drinking water problems.  "

"the previous home is wood frame houses, where today live in the building.  

"after moving to the village not only lived a comfortable and convenient, worked away and then, children's school also facilitate.  

2009 young sea province of poverty alleviation and development through scientific demonstration, invested 9 million yuan of special funds, integrated 48.08 million yuan in huangyuan County, Qinghai province, 4 towns in the County shelter if bad, 6 remote mountain village of 300 households in the implementation of the poverty alleviation in different places to relocate.


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