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Rui-Gan Expressway isolation network is "moved" some drivers escape "busy"

Meanwhile, staff or other protective fence around the parking area carried out a full inspection, Chongqing moved    for damage where the repair. The channel is connected to a rural road, which made residents around the parking area and the vehicle can be up and down the highway, bring significant security risks to road traffic. In addition, many drivers directly from this channel in high-speed driving, highway toll evasion.

when the channel after the float, highway parking area seems to be on the highway's "temporary parking at the station" inhabitants passenger cars, moving up and down around the discharge.  According to the introduction, Rui and Gan in Jiangxi section of the highway is the HA Yung line, from Ruijin, Jiangxi province to Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, "three vertical and four horizontal" highway backbone network "the forth cross" sector, as the East-West corridor in Jiangxi province, and two North-South highways in Ganzhou in Jiangxi province's best contact channels. As of February 8 in the afternoon, hidden channel on a highway parking area has been totally blocked. On February 8, the river reporter was informed that the Yu Yang parking zones located in Swiss-Gan Expressway (North-South two-lane) was suddenly thrown within a free access to the highway channel, major security risks to road safety, in charge of the section's Rachel Gan conservation central staff by check to know that, it is the Department's Highway protection fence is human "move".

follow local old people getting used to this new aspect of the new channel, the safety of the high-speed line have also been seriously affected. It is learnt that recently increased back to the village because the Spring Festival, some local people for gain, damaging the parking area, two-wire protective fence, filled drains, a free access to the parking area of the channel.  

Rui-Gan Expressway, in order to ensure the safe and smooth, protect people's lives and property safety, while combating acts of Expressway toll evasion, Rui and Gan conservation construction Central currently has staff dig broken channel pavement parking area outside the protective fence and gate equipped with railings all around, blocking traffic into the highway.


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