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Suzhou's biggest small commodity market moved to solve balance equations

Zhang Congjun introduction, invested more than 400 million yuan of new markets with 124,000 square metres, Chongqing to move   is a set of management, business, warehouse, parking and other features of the modern commercial building markets. &Nbsp;

1st, Suzhou city held press briefing announcing Wanli bridge's largest small commodities market--money in the local market will be closed from February 8, before the market has different reconstruction and opened on new year's day this year. Compared with the old market, new market further away there are gaps in the topic, but the wholesale business, merchant business is booming still.  

If not new before the old, will affect the survival and development of a large number of merchants, prosperity and social chaos will also affect trade.

in 2006, launched in Suzhou railway station area comprehensive planning, money around the bridge was included in the relocation area, the site will become the first terminal station of bus and green space. In this process, the Suzhou advance planning as a precursor, in detailed manipulation of humanity as much as possible, achieve stakeholders "win". To this end, Gusu domestic markets in some cities the relocation are investigated and learned some lessons from hastily closed the old market of the city, together with the market investor established a new market, to shut the old marketing methods. Its launch in October last year the relocation, relocation of most households to support, at present, households signed up front (Booth) had nearly 1600, door keys, enter the new market renovation of the nearly thousand. Wanli bridge Chairman Zhang Congjun said that market operators about 95% from Zhejiang, their soda together for more than 10 years, accumulate wealth, but also far more likely to leave the market. Old market but there have been safety concerns raised, traffic disorder and narrow space development cannot be inherited and so on. This "first welcome, after wishing" approach is fair to maintain the market's brand, the interests of the businesses, the Government's tax and social security, deduce a "win-win" balance equation of interest.

Suzhou municipal party Committee propaganda department Vice Minister Li said the market corresponding to nearly a million people of their livelihoods, if simple be closed under the plan, there will be contradictions and conflicts.


it is understood that in miles around the Suzhou railway station bridge was built in 1995, by 16 years, old market area of 30,000 square meters, front stalls 1757, employing staff almost million people.

Li said, to take the lead in basically realizing modernization, and Suzhou are stepping up to carry out the construction.


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