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Three problems need to be cracked

After the removal of income growth accelerates,    2005 annual per capita net income of Chongqing moved 2082 in 2010, the per capita net income reached 4255, doubling every five years. Village officials said, if you live in the mountains, and now revenue is difficult even for half of the new reach. According to Liu Qiqun introduction, from 2000, the safety village began to move, there have been 132 568 people moved away from the village of poor living conditions, relocated 93.6% per cent of total households, with a total population of 93.7%. In addition, the more remote villages such as safety village, sector farmers are still living in poverty need move out of impoverished villages. This is a safeguard local people live safe and improved live production premises, livelihood projects to promote economic and social development, not only for enriching the province and promote Shaanxi's economic and social development is of great significance, and ecological immigrants in similar areas throughout the country also have demonstration value. &Nbsp;     Kang investigation team, according to the National Bureau of statistics: when security village shelter on the mountain in 2000, per capita net income of farmers 1051, 15% below the hanbin district, per capita net income of farmers. &Nbsp;   last year provincial government issued immigration relocation task 60,000 households, and 240,000 people, as last year end of, Shaanxi three city has started concentrated settled points construction 742 a, starts rate reached 100%; settled relocation households number 61170 households, started settled number reached 102%, which completed households number accounted for to 20%, subject built households number reached 65%, is construction households number 15%, Shaanxi three city are over amount completed has relocation task. Since 1998, all kinds of poor migrants, migration, reconstruction of shabby housing, up to 100,000 households. Settled housing is expected to launch in 2011 at the end of June 2012 can be fully established, planning to relocate people in the second half of 2012 all stay. Calculated according to the cost of about 200,000 per household, 12, light modification, relocation, cost 20 billion yuan.  


    2011 years, the provincial government decided to "Twelve-Five" 10 years, relocation of Daba 2.4 million inhabitants to settle to survive if good plain Valley. But there is relief year after year, affected every year.  


     according to the statistics, after 1949, the Ankang region every year in relief disaster-stricken people, post-disaster reconstruction, as well as a smattering of invested a lot in the relocation project.  


     reality security cadres who made a natural prerequisite for people familiar to the village could not.

     experts point out that in southern Shaanxi relocation and resettlement efforts, not only is a major livelihood project, is a multifaceted project, challenges and problems still faced by many.  

   hanbin district, Ankang constant town security village, South of River Road is located in the month in Phoenix, North near constant town, with a total area of about 2 square kilometers, where great depth, steep slope, natural prerequisite for poor village Party Secretary Liu Qiqun said that basic access to water, electricity, road, fear the flood season each year, called the safety village, it is not safe.


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