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Chinese in Toronto, the largest moving company

15 years ago, founded only a used truck to join Yu Xijie company released at the beginning of pronouncements, himself once a target we should do first! Yu Xijie Grand ambition from his country who is the Director of an electronics factory. However, he said that rigid stick to more important than courage.

Yu Xijie company started is very difficult. Buy a car, home and road are not stopped, when funds are tight. Even the manual is the first year it is difficult to make, just a helper. "If it weren't for our confidence, perhaps like many moving companies a year closes. ”

he did carry the company's people are stupid people, but not afraid of hardship. "I was good, because I like sports and I played, I know what suffering is, I think in Canada work has been much better. ”

so hard last so many years ' work, a car, plus one or two helpers, two years of toil in the moving industry, Yu Xijie made a rather risky decision, determined with 120,000 bought a brand new 30-foot moving truck.  

company was only Liang、sanliang cars, but the cars are small, 16 feet and 20 feet with small trucks and vans. "Moving home is no longer enough, many people on the phone, we do not see, guests do not like moving several times. At that time virtually no turnover of 120,000 a year. It was the first time we went to a new level. Since then, I and continuous development by two cars a year, a few years later I had eight cars and three 30-foot truck. ”

he said, "but we have a problem, because the scale of our company are many. Chinese moving company at that time, the Chinese market is relatively close to saturation, or no longer meet our large companies to survive. " 

so Yu Xijie stepped in English-speaking markets. "A brighter future, several times bigger than the Chinese market, trucks with new two per cent a year. "But advertising is a very heavy burden to take 100,000 dollars a year in advertising. "Moving the profits of this industry and we have a lot of peers especially 10%, is really very modest. " 

with the development of business, the company began five years ago to get involved in commercial transport, but is not limited to purely civilian use. Yu Xijie also invested to buy prime location area of over 30,000 square feet of cargo space, lay the Foundation for the development of the company.

"in order to enter the commercial market, we buy tractors, 48-foot container 48 feet of ultra low flat, hydraulic lifting vehicle, bought three forklifts, also bought a lot of special tools, but we have ten employees got a forklift license. This is done, we want to enter the field of commercial transportation, handling now we might be Chinese companies can only moved in heavy equipment to the company. " 

Yu Xijie purchase based on several considerations, one is how to solve the reemployment of employees in the future, is to address the company's commercial storage, and also find a car park for the size of the fleet. "It's not only has a 30,000-foot warehouse, there are almost two acres of parking lots, it may be for us a decade of development, here to give our customers store household goods business supplies, also continues to build the next. ”

he said, "some old house sold, haven't bought new homes, hasn't moved in, things here, like an English-speaking guests, this was about a year, because now he is still hesitating about buying a new house in housing, has existed here. " 

handling industry employee turnover is very large. Yu Xijie said that moving company development the most important move is to retain skilled workers. Earlier this year, Yu Xijie use large enough cargo space for additional tire provides tire sale, installation and other services.

Yu Xijie said that the two year mark, because that may be the industry problems will arise sooner or later. "Our staff in more than 10 years ago to venture with me, followed me for so many years, now they are older, not suited to the industry. The industry is over 50 years old, from energy and physically difficult. " 

to solve the reemployment of staff worries, starting from this year, the moving company has also set up a tire and service company, tire sales and service. Yu Xijie said, "I think the size of the future be able to accommodate the older employees at around ten people, I don't want them to do other work after the age of 50 again, I hope they can do it in our company retirement age of 65. " 

this year, already is the 17th year of Yu Xijie to join the transportation industry, accompanied by his wife Wang Yan nicer along the way. "He works more than 10 hours a day is very hard. No matter what the holiday, there has never been a break. "Wang Yan said that although returns can be, but if they choose not to do so. "What life is, and why did you choose this, too tired, too tired. The hardest is someone doesn't like, this is the saddest thing I. ”

several years later, Yu Xijie facing retirement, the daughter has indicated its willingness to take over his father's business. "Stay in business is not a person can do, this is the three of us, and everyone would pitch to do that today. My family in the future should not do this with me. ”

Yu Xijie said, seeing is believing Canada some companies for 50 years and 75 years of brand and would like to own this company could be so. "I hope that my staff was able to do it in the future, continue to do it. ”

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