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Move exactly how much money?

Move exactly how much money? When you move to ask moving companies, isn't it messy quotes wondered. Move the way, have you given any thought to moving companies suddenly mad for fare increases? Yesterday, the urban Home Economics Association domestic companies at the Guanyin bridge docking with the public, released "300 starting" price guide. Although this is the Trade Association of the self-discipline requirements is not mandatory, but it can also provide a point of reference.

     not move starting at  300

     Chang-van starting price of 100 Yuan, up and down the stairs to move things, and a Porter. How much moving home to? Domestic industry association guidance, move marked the starting price of 300 yuan per car. A car here is 4.5 meters long, 2 meters wide trucks, the price is not spanned by. If the across and within 20 km, you need to add 50, that is, to 350 Yuan per car. More than 20 km, both sides can negotiate.

     If the vehicle is moving away from the destination of more than 10 meters each plus 10 metres. Up and down the stairs can go stairs, each increase of 10.

     If there is a piano,   plus a 200 a set

     in addition to the starting price, for some valuables, such as piano, LCD rear projection objects requires another fare increase. Such as a a Cabinet is 20 Yuan each, sliding doors to 30 yuan/door. Piano is 200 yuan each, no extra floor on the third floor, third floor or above plus 10 Yuan each. Moved a bed RMB 30, children's bed is 80~150 Yuan.

     for why these items are an additional fee. A moving company General Manager Dong Xiaoping said, these valuable workers in very careful handling, increased the workload. "Such as a piano, you need at least 4 workers to move. "These items are also easy to damage, compensation for high prices, so their handling fees will increase accordingly.

     part reference     charges

     LCD rear projection         set  30 ~80

     marble tables      50 Yuan (including non-marble chairs/set)

     tank          50 ~100 Yuan (Aquarium of 200 Yuan, no water and the fish)

     drum washing machines      30 ~50 Yuan

     fridge           set  50 ~100 (1.7m)

     safe          40 ~100 Yuan (big plus)

     computer                30 ~60 Yuan (bargaining power of a small number of specific)

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