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Move should set off firecrackers?

Into the House to have a custom, that was moved to starting in the wee hours, until dawn and moved in when setting off firecrackers to celebrate. In recent years, with the development of urban construction, more and more people have a new home, the city occasionally heard moving in the early hours of the firecrackers.

in fact, a custom popular, is often the public the result of natural selection, have their reasonable points. Our custom, first of all should be tolerant and respectful attitude, since human reason is limited after all, when our limited rational when faced with longstanding custom, humble attitude is appropriate. Only when a Customs does harm the interest of the majority, to hamper social development and following the debate, it was agreed that there is necessity of abolition, before it is considered vulgar, and take measures to stop them and guide, such as old women bound their feet, the current burial of the dead.

moving shot, as an institution, and its meaning is "move more" hopes of ordinary people such as I yearn for a better life in the future. As the Chinese new year, we in red couplets on the door sticker, eat dinner, light firecrackers on new year's Eve, although some vulgar, some waste, some lying, but not against the interest of the majority, after all, did not hamper social development, instead of being regarded as vulgar, but take it as a folklore protection with Chinese characteristics.

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