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Moved Treaty

Have claimed I was trying to add new content into the site again after a month, because so much of the previous content has been copied. However, Guangzhou ants moving company met a customer to move tomorrow, moved former US ants moving a multifaceted investigation before deciding on our company to complete the move of his task. But before the move we have to write a letter of guarantee, guarantee move tomorrow are smooth, we wrote the following guarantee excerpt two, written by two of the following is written by customers.

     first mover cannot be added for any reason in the process of moving money, if more money is something the customer is entitled to terminate the cooperation move, customers do not pay a penny to the moving company, not even empty charge of the moving company, the moving company to lose total moving costs to the customer for breach of 10% to the customer as a delay compensation.

    then the movers in the process of moving everything must carefully protect customers, damaged moving company to take full responsibility, movers must be better, not because of contentious arguing with customers, the moving companies to be responsible, and it apologized to customers.

     wrote these my mind the taste, since customers have asked for clarification before he moved in when he was caught in this kind of situation, these two must be experienced, or would not have been so deeply impressed. I can understand the mood of customers, in order for the move to smooth out this decision, this is the sorrow move markets in Guangzhou, is sad for all moving company in Guangzhou. However, we still have a lot of peers fail to recognize this, continued in the move, the losses of others and their own interests. Today is to let colleagues see that I write, I do not fear your copy, just want you to think twice after seeing this short, think customers feel, in fact, our clients are very well satisfied.

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