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Moving company liquidation

In order to safeguard their interests, customers were moving before you sign an agreement for moving and moving companies, moving companies in Guangzhou to everyone next moved to note which details when signing up.

    now of Guangzhou moved market very of big, then has increasingly more of personal input to Guangzhou moved this industry in the to, this to most to moved of people for, brings has convenient and affordable, can most moved company are no license, no road license, in moved process appeared of some disputes problem will no approach processing, this also to many moved of people to has troubles, halfway sat to price, delays moved time, problem on endlessly, Many Guangzhou moved of customer are said: himself find of is formal of moved company Ah, are is is famous of brand of Ah, how on random charges does, last also didn't place found claims, actually Guangzhou real has license and road license of moved company and no several, many of are is playing with Guangzhou peace, Guangzhou Gong Xing, big of Guangzhou moved company of brand, in outside received business, playing playing of misleading has moved of customer, believes everyone on public XING moved sued Baidu a thing are also fresh, To rectify the confusion in Guangzhou moving companies on the Internet, Baidu is not open

      cleaned the licensed moving companies, and related departments to move company business license for stringent checks for those "down river" finishing the moving company, in a series of reorganization measures, the only normal moving company for the Guangzhou people moving home.         

      hope everyone here on the move, the company tried to find some great moving company, there is a little trick, moving company has problems with 400 telephone, normal moving companies are normal 8-digit landline phone.

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