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Nearly half of the moving company online home

NET data show that nearly 50% moving company of choice in publishing information on the Internet. &Nbsp;2010 years, the sharp increase in the number of posts go to move channels, in 2009, an increase of 231. 3%. Among the many moving companies post, less than ten small companies accounted for more than 80%, the network has become their main positions following street ads.

"community service company is an imperative. Today, many white-collar workers soak all day long on the Web, they want to get all the information they need, it is clear that as a Classifieds site, its user more purposeful and focused.   "Industry analysts say.

non-profits get up early, favored life service company on the classifications Web site, in addition to catering to the needs of users, but also because their interests effectively in the classification of information obtained on the Web site.   "Concerns in one or two days to go, the platform for information filtering is in place, it is suitable for our publishing company's information.   "A transport company and net signed a one-year advertising deal.

according to the net revealed, with the cooperation of the moving company due to the beginning of the anti-counterfeiting activities. In the branch since its inception at the beginning of this year, net received many claiming to be public and Gong Xing, daily moving company inquiries call, request go to move advertising channels. This phenomenon has been net of staff concerned, after investigation, the network found that Shanghai has a formal move at that time only 20 a few qualified companies, many "ghost" companies want to borrow Gong Xing trackbacks, Kam tong name brands such as move order pick. Most of these counterfeit brands moving companies are three free (no registration, no address, no contact) company, the only harm the interests of consumers, also robbed the brands moving companies in business. In this case, go to decisively move shuffle troubleshoot information channel, will take a normal moving company "Li GUI" information in the door. "We don't have good publicity for yourself, put ads everywhere only adventure, this is an act of frustration. Now colleagues are publishing information on the Internet, saving both human and material resources, the results were very good.   "Another moving company official said.

in addition to moving companies and many SMEs are also tasted the sweetness of the classified information. Decorated guerrilla, second-hand dealers are "niaoqianghuanpao" and no longer wait at the roadside, training institutions, housekeeping, cleaning, entertainment, attractions, and businesses such as furniture repair also dock with the user directly on the Classifieds site.

"I find the salesperson runs single sales, the effect is pretty good. But over time, I found the free stickers to sink quickly, then I began to go to Internet marketing, which saves each month salesman left for someone to post expenditure.   "Used furniture recycling company Shanghai friends Wang Web promotion is very pleased with himself.

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