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That vicious competition has moved as a whole industry shrinking

A moving company owner told reporters, because employers moving fees charged are too low, but for profit, many moving companies have to keep business, don't take into account can be too busy to come. Others in order to earn some money, a car can pull out of the non-stick to pull two cars, earn a trip money, which has delayed the next employer moving time.

even more worrying is that market is now moving so not standard, many of the moving company reached a verbal commitment with the customer, in the event of damage furniture or traffic accidents and other problems, in compensation, as well as on consumer rights protection, there are significant vulnerabilities and risks.

movers in the course of one or two hours late, moving randomly add money ... ... Complaints about quality moving services is clearly on the rise, in addition to being late, companies, was vandalized by moving furniture, leaving little things frequently.

found in in an interview with reporters, with the increase of urban population and the hot rental market, moving companies have sprung up in the city appeared. Baidu type "moving companies" will be able to find relevant results in more than 20 million, including moving company phone, next to the Metro, community on the telephone pole, the moving company phone is also packed.

insiders pointed out that, as a labour-intensive industry, the moving industry barriers to entry are very low. Some people see moving business profitable, "starting from scratch" start a moving company they did not move car, the company has no license, usually one or two people, opened a telephone interim business rent a car out. This company in the industry is called "wild horse" moving company.

"Mustang" company to grab the market, prices like crazy and disturbed the normal move. "Vicious competition has moved as a whole industry to dwindle. "Some moving company said, moving fees low, quality of service nature can't keep up. Compared to previous years, moving company service quality have declined a lot in recent years.

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