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The "three big mountains" overwhelming moving company

Several moving companies in Dongguan, learned that due to the rapid increase in the number of moving companies in recent years, increasingly fierce market competition, many moving companies can barely make ends meet.

      earned 200 half-pay half fee is

     "moving company now living more and more bad dry, light oil every month and wages accounted for a profit of more than half of the workers, plus insurance, advertising and other expenses, a month down to break-even is very good. "Cui managers complained about it, a moving company in the urban areas.

     Manager Li an account, now move generally about 350~500 of medium size, if this is a business, typically to 4 people, including three movers, a driver. Earn 200 Yuan, at least 100 Yuan to be issued to workers ' wages, another 100 Yuan including gas, vehicle wear and tear, driver's costs and other expenses.

     said one truck driver, now that oil prices have been rising, has become the moving costs of "culprits". "Gasoline is going up today, compared with two years ago, monthly fuel costs nearly 1000 dollars, but the move however was up 50 dollars at most, even if you earn more, but gasoline prices. ”

     reduction in business   moving market is saturated

     is located in the Fu nan road, Mong Kok, moving companies received a total of 7 live today, around 11:30, talent finished third. "At this rate, today generally have to finish until seven or eight o'clock in the evening. "Manager Hao taking the time to chat with reporters on two sentences. It is understood that it was live up to after the Chinese new year day, except for wages, fuel and other costs, today you can earn more than 400 million.

     but compared to the past, and obviously a lot less volume of business this year, one day after six or seven live situations like this are rare. "Now more private cars, many people often do, which is one reason for the decline in business. "Lou Manager, Shun and the moving company said.

     It is understood that the moving company in Guangzhou has developed into dozens of homes, moving market is saturated. "People move is not very often, most likely just one or two times in life, did not exist so moving companies ' customers ' it says. "Since 2001 and started a moving company manager of the moving industry said.

     part of the moving company to find a way out   branched

     moving industry calls for related rules issued

     for now move the bleak situation of the market, there are many moving companies entrepreneurs have begun to look for another way out. Wang moving company Manager Hao said, now if only by moving a single word, can maintain a basic standard of living. Manager Hao moves since last year the company began more or less related to logistics.

     but there are some moving companies face dilemma is still not good, says the head of a moving company, now do it is to do with, is not particularly serious or loss, simply "shut down", directly making a career change.

     now Guangzhou of moved company although number many, but and no related of legal regulations constraints they of behavior, so some moved company to attract customer, at to below market of costs to attract public, "now moved of costs General in 150 Yuan around, if floors high some, price in 200 Yuan upper and lower, but some company to attract customer, clearly is 150 yuan of work is price 100 Yuan, Even lower, which caused a vicious market competition environment, harmful to themselves. "Has over 10 years experience in moving the company boss said.

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