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This full warranty door moving company removed also removed

Mr Wang and his wife, who lives in hangu has been married for more than 10 years, early days of their marriage habits often small issues such as two people quarrel, but each fight is to end in Mr Wang's apology. For an apology to his wife ease the conflict, Mr King has written a number of "precedent" guarantee. In order to serve as a warning, Mrs Wang husband written guarantee posted on every home on a wooden door, over time, the bond to an entire door.

recently bought a new House, the couple prepared to move. On moving day, the moving company moved as requested by Wang after the last piece of furniture when you are preparing to shift, she suddenly stopped workers say there is one more important thing did not move. "Can move all over, also fell: what? "Wang asked, puzzled. In this case, refers to door of the home, said Mrs Wang, remove the door away. It turns out that important things finally turned out to be full of bonds. "This is the year he wrote bond, lest later denied it, must be taken away. "She smiled and said," in fact is because they are memories, unable to bear. But tearing down the only door to go to new homes. ”

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