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With oil prices rising, many moving companies are not "cold"

"This morning, reading the newspaper, found that diesel prices for 7-10th, thanks to fill up the fuel tank just a few days ago. "22nd morning, Manager Li ants moving company in Guangzhou, told reporters," Although a price increase is not too large, rose 9 cents per litre, but for us, the cost is increased. "Li Yang Manager, he was engaged in the moving industry for more than 10 years, in his impression that the oil price has continued to rise, prices are on the rise, but moving expenses did not change over the years.  

     It is understood that currently have forty or fifty big and small moving company in Guangzhou in Guangzhou City, competition is fierce. Referring to rising diesel will lead to removal expenses being raised at the mass moving company manager Li said in Guangzhou, "how many years is a price, a fare of 300 yuan, now fierce competition, rising costs, but the price is a bit hard. "Li Jingli, said diesel prices rise, after a month of oil money is bound to grow, in order to reduce costs, they are working to improve the quality of service to enhance skills in order to attract customers.  

     in subsequent visits, the reporter found that, in the face of rising oil prices, many moving companies are not "cold". "I feel a price hike there is little probability of, take a look at the market on the market! Home raised, we may also rise. "Everyone said the head of a moving company.  

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