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Years the fourth move

The tenth package. I hate packing. I wish I was little.

I will move into a bigger house, but unfortunately today I had very poor ventilation of the room. Lower part of the large glass Windows are sealed. Liquid oxygen is essential for life. I was the kind of people who sleep during the winter will open the window, even in the North. Other ones are all good, but the fatal flaw means I'm having a year will soon face a migration?

insomnia to 4 points yesterday, I don't know what the world has a personal sleep with me. I dream of a third world war has already begun. I was in China, our school (I don't know the school community) were randomly divided into 4 floors. First layer will directly go to the front line with the enemy rush, survival rate was 0. I dream of him into the second floor, I was on the fourth floor. I went to find results went to the first floor, witnessed a lot of killing and death, but man I am looking for could not be found. Dreams awoke for the first time in 8:30. I know I need to sleep, to sleep, war continues. Last woke up at 12, I was physically and mentally exhausted.

sleep the day before yesterday to 4 points, and dreamed that I return home in the evening, but the elephant refused to see me. I waiting downstairs in her home, wanted to see her see me why. I'm very angry.

night dreams of doing, can still keep learning during the day. See documents, collating information. Spirit of long division. Last night and today with sedition. I observed my body's strange, cold and moisture in the body is too heavy, stress. Those who those who stew, I rather like this.

I hope that a person's life.

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