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Long short distance transport

Long short distance transport

1  family/long short-distance move: to provide on-site dismantling furniture, cargo, piano/electric/upscale items customized wooden box packaging

2  long short distance relocation of enterprises and institutions: to provide on-site disassembly of office furniture, Office supplies and professional classification and packaging.

long short-distance transportation

1, all bits and pieces of goods, we recommend customers packing in carton sort;

2, details about yourself/company check cargo enough cardboard boxes and packaging tape

3, books/materials are not afraid of pressure of heavy stuff, use small cartons and controlled about 20 kg;

4, shall be classified and placed the entire carton of clothes and other items, avoid too much or too little;

5, reducing the small goods, packaged inside a cardboard box after its focus;

6, bank card, for all kinds of certificates, precious metals, company's important data, please take care to prevent the loss;

7, all goods must be wrapped strong, heavy even out;

8, ahead of shipment of bulky items of name, size, number of telephone company, to arrange for removal and select the appropriate packaging;

9, written on the outer package, arrival cities, consignee name, consignee contact phone number.

10, fearful, fragile items please separate the pieces.


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